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This poem was written in response to a discussion about the care of natural hairstyles.I was fascinated to learn of other peoples experiences.The opportunity arose to share my own approach to the care of black hair as it had developed due to the care and attention given to me as I grew up. This careContinue reading “Ribbons”


New post on Good Black NewsVIDEO: “Michelle Obama’s Closing Argument” on Why It’s So Critical to Vote (A MUST WATCH)by goodblacknews“The one thing this President is really, really good at is using fear and confusion and  spreading lies to win”Released today, in a blistering, no-nonsense, direct video to the American people, former First Lady Michelle Obama spends 24 minutes and 12 recordsContinue reading “Equality;Justice;love;honour;decency”


I wrote this poem when the days began disappearing . I would wake- work- then bed. All too soon the day was ended.This poem reminds me to make the most of my day-to use each waking moment which will never be repeated- to remember that there will never be one identically the same.Whenever I readContinue reading “Sunset”

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