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Stand up and be counted

Why do we not act until we are forced to? Are we too scared or do we fear failure? Perhaps we are too busy with just getting on and meeting the challenges of the day? I would like to dedicate this post to the procrastinators I include myself in this group let’s not waste anymoreContinue reading “Stand up and be counted”


Hi All I think that of all the topics and pieces that I have tried to write about,then the piece chosen by Mike Maher published by Publishing Well at Medium.com was the most exacting and difficult and the one that I am most proud of. Do find the link to this piece – above. MyContinue reading “Life”

Colour blindness

Poem Number Eight Colour blindness Why should we                 Search for colour? When it             just happens? A creation, that is                             something uniquely beautiful                             All around us. It was never                    meant to be Thrust            in front of us As a  ya          rd          st          ic          k  measure                   Continue reading “Colour blindness”

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