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Bringing up the Girls

Hi All I wrote ‘Bringing up the girls’ in celebration of my Mama and her Mama and her Mamas Mama. Our ancestors are the blocks from which we build and My Mama certainly provides this base that has spread throughout her family and continues to be filtered down to her granddaughters. I am truly lucky…

Searching for an Oasis-Published

Hi all I have been busy writing. I have continued to publish in newsletters and on medium.com and have been accepted to some new publications there. I shall share those with you in the near future. For now ,let me celebrate the publication of my first solo collection. ‘Searching for an Oasis’ has been born…

International Women’s Day

Let’s celebrate womenToday I am highlighting @POLLY -a charity helpline for girls and women and self-identifying females based in the UK There seems to be an uplift in the air .Perhaps everyone is affected by the lighter days,the hint of sun,the promise of spring. I guess that we have all learnt the value of communication…

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