I wrote this poem when the days began disappearing . I would wake- work- then bed. All too soon the day was ended.
This poem reminds me to make the most of my day-to use each waking moment which will never be repeated- to remember that there will never be one identically the same.
Whenever I read it ,I am reminded to treasure the precious minutes of life,to value and to maximise the time that is given to us ;to make memories that I can be proud of and that are worth treasuring……

Poem Fifteen

Another day passes


Another missed opportunity

Lost moments

became lost minutes

Multiplied into

lost hours

In which to

ensure that

We performed behaviours

in order to achieve

our life goal plans

Time passed too quickly

before, the time in the day

ran out.

Publishing Well

All things publishing, writing, and creating.

Erica Donaldson-Ellison

Published by ericadonaldsonellison

Author-Searching for an Oasis 8/10/2021 I am a Poet: published in anthologies since 1980-2021; blogger; mental health awareness warrior; Wellness Ambassador; passionate about equality and justice for all. Black ballad contributor;Writer on; Co production partner Turn2Us Humanity makes us equal

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