International Women’s Day

Let’s celebrate womenToday I am highlighting @POLLY -a charity helpline for girls and women and self-identifying females based in the UK There seems to be an uplift in the air .Perhaps everyone is affected by the lighter days,the hint of sun,the promise of spring. I guess that we have all learnt the value of communicationContinue reading “International Women’s Day”

How quickly the day disappears

So, I know as the days become darker earlier and earlier that it may seem that the end of the day draws to an end somewhat quicker,however I do love the different rhythm of the day-how cosier dimmer evenings are an excuse for earlier homely fires and curried meals and sticky fruit puddings and warmContinue reading “How quickly the day disappears”

Wellness Ambassador post announcement

Hi I am very proud to share that I have been invited to be a Wellness Ambassador. I join the team at The Ancient This new website http://www.TheAncientWay .co from Whole yoga and Ayurveda was launched this month. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram It is a wonderful source of nourishment for”theContinue reading “Wellness Ambassador post announcement”


New post on Good Black NewsVIDEO: “Michelle Obama’s Closing Argument” on Why It’s So Critical to Vote (A MUST WATCH)by goodblacknews“The one thing this President is really, really good at is using fear and confusion and  spreading lies to win”Released today, in a blistering, no-nonsense, direct video to the American people, former First Lady Michelle Obama spends 24 minutes and 12 recordsContinue reading “Equality;Justice;love;honour;decency”


What do we hope to plan and pray for our children and our children’s children? In general, we are obligated to protect nature so that they do have a future on sustainable earth; but above recycling and physical properties of protecting their environment how would we like our offspring to live? Current crises of theContinue reading “Lullaby”

All My Hopes…..

How are parents, family and friends? coping with ferrying their little ones to schools? I shall be serialising a description of how that particular important task absorbed me once upon a time. It begins as follows: Part One I have joined the ranks of a well-known brigade As yet I retain the status of aContinue reading “All My Hopes…..”

A New Day

Poem number Thirteen I wrote this poem in response to being told to “sit down .” Whenever I read this poem I am reminded of the scene and my pulse races with indignation still.I was attending a training course for managers-the topic was Safeguarding (level 3) One manager opined , and I paraphrase- that sheContinue reading “A New Day”