There is only One

Poem Number Two

Just one in the crop
But what a specimen!
This one is
Full of flavour
Has a kick and a colour
That cannot be repeated
Cannot be improved

Sure, it is
And one on its own but
This difference promises a
singular pleasure
As it
alone grew  from a  general cluster of flowers      

Singular does not always mean less
It does not always mean  inferior  or
‘What a pity there are no more duplicates’

One on its own is
It deserves our applause
It survived
And triumphed 

It kept on
Struggling to grow
Met obstructions head on and thrived

when others fell by the wayside

One on its own
Raises its head
Because it is the witness and survivor from struggles

And its taste is unparallel
Because  it alone
Claimed this time 
In which to fully live
As its own.

Why write ?

My blog of ‘ Poems for life ‘
contains and reflect the  complex theme  of growth and conflict in which we are all engaged

Who has not experienced a struggle to ultimately  achieve a celebration
At some juncture in their own lives?

Who amongst us has  had a life of complete plain sailing ?

Humanity  makes us equal

This blog
Will highlight some of the poems written for” Searching for an Oasis “
This is  the title that l chose to describe my first collection of poems

They were written during the past four years
In an  attempt to navigate my own way through   life experiences  of travel work wellbeing  conflict and growth

I believe that my experiences  draws parallels that are evident in many of our lives

Comparatives with others resonate and  a companion along the way can help us to make sense of it all

Can help us to:
Laugh and celebrate it all

Just by taking a moment out of our day to reflect and to learn and to love our experiences more fully in the moment

Life is a learning curve but how quickly it passes
As my mama would say:

“Enjoy it now because before you know it
Poof ….its gone”

Connecting with others is what helps us through
It is so much more engaging when we choose to share….

l chose Just saying as the title for my blog as
  a tribute to the memory of my mother in law
Mary  Margaret
Who was
Born on Christmas day

When l met her -nearly forty years  ago, she commented to her son about our initial introduction that

“Even when she is leaving you sense that she still has things to say”

(I guess  nothing has changed there  Mary !)

During the last month of her 91 st year, Mary would emphasize her conversation which was opinionated informative and knowledgeable. With ” I’m just saying”

We miss her words of wisdom as well as the accounts from her generation and the historical references that were always easily made and that were always on the tip of her tongue.

She was a quiz master who retained all of the answers in her head.

She would often  question her family about historical facts and she absolutely  knew them first
She always won.

She was one of those rare team members that you would instinctively grab for your own side if you were lucky enough to be granted ‘ first pick’ in a general knowledge competition
Her brain was akin to a computerized  reference library

As with the voices of so many from older generations
All  of her knowledge  is now so much more difficult to encounter
And when we are lucky enough to source it-   catalogued by researchers, the content cannot possibly compete with that personal touch.

I remember  an all-day party that l arranged for a Lady called
It was her 103rd
(When her 105th came along she stated that she had celebrated enough birthdays)

Her 103rd
began with Karaoke
( She had been a seamstress  sewing Scottish kilts and incredibly had completed her own  highland fling on her 100th birthday )

On her 103rd birthday, she was content to watch and to listen to her carers performances as they were keen to serenade her with past tunes that she loved.

The highlight of the day’s celebrations was the primary school choir who following their performance sat and listened to lily’s detailed true accounts of both world wars.
l can still see and   remember the expressions of surprise on their  faces when they asked her ” were you alive in the war?” and she smiled and proudly stated with a smirk answering ” l was alive for BOTH ( world) wars”

The stories of these generations need recording

Certainly, l regret that
that we had not written down the  spontaneous responses to our questions  from my own mother- in – law

I  can hear Mary  chiding us as we falter and stumble in our  response to what would be for her a simple general knowledge  question

Punctuated with her characteristic  frown
She continues to scold us with an  unbelieving resignation
“What…. you DIDN’T know THAT”

It is clear that what is common knowledge  to one generation quickly becomes lost in their descendant’s lives
When in order to understand ourselves 
Where we are
Who we are
We greatly enhance this experience by recognising and celebrating the impact on our own lives by our ancestors
And perhaps we can enjoy sharing our journeys through life all the more.
I hope that you can enjoy taking time out of your busy day to stop, relax reflect and share some recorded moments with me …..

Published by ericadonaldsonellison

Author-Searching for an Oasis 8/10/2021 I am a Poet: published in anthologies since 1980-2021; blogger; mental health awareness warrior; Wellness Ambassador; passionate about equality and justice for all. Black ballad contributor;Writer on; Co production partner Turn2Us Humanity makes us equal

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