Let me introduce myself:
The best way that I know how to express myself is in poetry
I wrote the following called “Character” in 2016.

It is as true today as it was then
(with a few slight alterations…..
but more about that later)

For now
Here goes…..

with Poem Number One


I am Mama
My lover’s partner
Sister and Sister-in-law
Daughter and a friend
to my Mama and to my Papa.

Aunt to my siblings children
and to those of my lover
Confidante and professional to
Winging and wringing
every second,every moment.

Challenged by
twenty first century technologies
I am a Black pioneer
I am ,a woman.

My interactions define me
yet , I am a product
of my history.

I know ‘who ?’
I Am.

“This ,is
where we are .”

I am mindful
and seek constantly
to redress
the fortunes
and the lives
of my grandparents.

to live
For my
ancestral others.

My being pulsates
strives to be constant.
To celebrate, the moment
of growth through fulfilment.

I try
to champion a hurt
and to laugh
with, those who love me.

I am

Published by ericadonaldsonellison

Author-Searching for an Oasis 8/10/2021 I am a Poet: published in anthologies since 1980-2021; blogger; mental health awareness warrior; Wellness Ambassador; passionate about equality and justice for all. Black ballad contributor;Writer on; Co production partner Turn2Us Humanity makes us equal

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