Why do we write?

I remember my first poem.

It was written when I was in primary school.

I was taught and inspired by a visiting practice teacher,not yet qualified.

He was tall with dark hair and he wore glasses.

I remember a brown jacket (corduroy-fashionable then) and his encouraging smile.

He was the grown up version of his son who was a member of my class- Russell was his name.

We shared secret knowing smiles.

Inevitably then, the subject of my first poem was : love

It went something like this….

“…………they were betrothed the very next day

they had a lovely feast

of chicken hams jellies and sweets

Oh what a lovely feast….

and when they retired

and went to bed……..”

My second love was food.

I was summoned to the headmaster for writing that poem……..

(tell you what happened -later)

In praise of teachers do watch this amazing post from linked in

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