Stand up and be counted

selective focus photography of yellow petaled flower

Why do we not act until we are forced to?

Are we too scared or do we fear failure?

Perhaps we are too busy with just getting on and meeting the challenges of the day?

I would like to dedicate this post to the procrastinators

I include myself in this group

let’s not waste anymore time in doing what we feel obliged to do or

in dedicating our lives to what we ought to do or what is expected of us.

Do what you love so long as it is ethical and not harmful to others

Have fun doing it and fulfill the goals that make you smile

until you can no longer function.

So to all those poets who have locked away their treasures

I urge you to share them today

Doubtless you may be withholding a poem that makes someone smile!

Published by ericadonaldsonellison

Author-Searching for an Oasis 8/10/2021 I am a Poet: published in anthologies since 1980-2021; blogger; mental health awareness warrior; Wellness Ambassador; passionate about equality and justice for all. Black ballad contributor;Writer on; Co production partner Turn2Us Humanity makes us equal

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