Bringing up the Girls

Hi All I wrote ‘Bringing up the girls‘ in celebration of my Mama and her Mama and her Mamas Mama. Our ancestors are the blocks from which we build and My Mama certainly provides this base that has spread throughout her family and continues to be filtered down to her granddaughters. I am truly luckyContinue reading “Bringing up the Girls”

A Simple Exchange

I wrote this poem as an attempt to try to explain the camaraderie and support within an identified community for people who are experiencing the same issues in their life. In this particular case the issue is discrimination due to race. I was aware when writing it that the discrimination could apply to a languageContinue reading “A Simple Exchange”


WelcomeLet me introduce myself:The best way that I know how to express myself is in poetryI wrote the following called “Character” in 2016. It is as true today as it was then(with a few slight alterations…..but more about that later) For nowHere goes….. with Poem Number One “Character“ I am MamaMy lover’s partnerSister and Sister-in-lawDaughterContinue reading “Introduction”